Pavers for versatile paving and landscaping solutions

Paving in  front of the Birmingham Library with Wienerberger - Penter Pavers
Paving solutions by Wienerberger provide an almost infinite variety for the design of gardens, open areas, roads, pavements or pedestrian zones – in numerous colours and countless formats and surfaces

Lasting beauty

Clay pavers are made of high-quality clay fired extra hard and do not fade or weather even after many years of use. No thunderstorm can damage this building material. Blazing sun brings out the radiance of the colours but never lets them fade. Water can drain off in the joints so that a large amount of water can infiltrate into the soil instead of flowing into the sewer system. Consequently, pavers have an excellent life cycle assessment.

Concrete pavers inspire through their multitude of appearances – by format, colour and design. The surface of many of our products is refined by a separate production technique, which enables us to offer a vast selection of different surface structures. In addition, a wealth of complementing products, such as steps and edgings, garden walls and fences ensure a complete landscaping solution.
As a result, pavers are ideally suited for private gardens and driveways as well as for public places and infrastructure projects.
Pavers by Wienerberger are available in an almost infinite variety: more than 60 different colours in numerous formats and surface finishes produce more than 170 variants.
Pavers blend in with their surroundings regardless whether it is traditional or avant-garde, classic or modern, elegant or rustic. 

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