Ceramics – a natural, high-quality and maintenance-friendly material

Robotic loading system at the production site
Clay retains the inherent strength, durability and economy that made it the building material of choice over centuries.

The sustainable building material

Besides being natural, high-quality and maintenance friendly ceramics are sustainable in all production stages – from raw material extraction to production and packaging, through to processing. They are very stable, resistant to high temperatures and do not expand or shrink with temperature variations.

Clay is a natural raw material and extracted locally with the greatest possible consideration for the environment and the biodiversity of flora and fauna. Subsequently, clay is processed, shaped and fired.
Wienerberger permanently optimises its reduction processes to minimise energy consumption and CO2 emissions. As a natural building material, clay products need not be elaborately and expensively disposed of. They can be reused in two different ways: on the one hand by means of recycling, which means that clay building materials are grounded and used in brick production, road construction, as tennis court surface or even as soil conditioners in agriculture. On the other hand, old bricks and tiles can be reused for new purposes.

Wienerberger is dedicated to the re-cultivation of former clay mining sites. Clay pits that are no longer used are returned to serve as a habitat for flora and fauna or create a natural recreation area for local residents, or they are restored for agricultural or forestry uses.

As the demands and expectations on building materials are continuously increasing and Wienerberger is constantly striving to remain the market leader in the field of clay building materials in Europe, Wienerberger relies on an organic growth through innovation and further development in all areas – from the production process to the products through to distribution.

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