Building & living today

A family of four in their living room
We spend 90% of our time indoors. Due to increasingly tight building envelopes, which stop air from entering the interior and are thus enhancing the energy efficiency of a building but also affecting the indoor climate, the importance of selecting the right building material is growing.

The indoor climate

Natural building materials like bricks, clay blocks and roof tiles are no burden on the indoor climate. Quite on the contrary: due to their special humidity-regulating properties, massive brick buildings make a major contribution to healthy living.
Energy efficiency and sustainable building are other important and interesting topics of our time. People are looking for sustainable, ecological and energy-efficient construction systems and building concepts.

The outdoor area

Functionality and design are important assets when it comes to planning public places as well as private gardens. Clay as well as concrete pavers contribute to the creation of aesthetic, functional and sustainable landscapes. The natural beauty of pavers adds special character to paved surfaces.

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