“Building envelope”, one product – two application types

Building envelope
The whole building envelope can be designed with Wienerberger building materials. Roof tiles, clay blocks, facing bricks and pavers can be individually matched to each other. The tiled façade is a highly aesthetic solution that gives architects much leeway for the design of a building envelope in terms of structure, colour and format. The number of possible designs according to very personal wishes and ideas is practically unlimited.

Façade solutions with roof tiles

  • Traditional roof tiles can also be used vertically to give the façade a striking look, make the roof and façade an eye-catcher

  • Small format tiles and larger formats in various colours can be used to create a highly aesthetic building envelope
In addition to basement components that must withstand soil moisture and groundwater, especially the pitched roof and the façade protect a building from rain, snow, ice, hail as well as heat, cold and noise. A pitched roof in combination with a cladding using roof tiles rapidly drains rainwater thanks to the roof pitch and the functional properties of tiles.
In certain applications this façade protection can be considerably increased through constructive measures, such as generous eaves of pitched roofs. Projecting roofs are the extension of the main roof area beyond the roof edge. The thus created projection shields large parts of the façade area against rain and driving rain.

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