Augmented Brickwork – Public Railway Passage, The Netherlands

Augmented Brickwork glass brick facade colorful railway passage
Augmented Brickwork, The Netherlands © Stijn Bollaert

Civic Architects, The Netherlands
Location Tilburg, The Netherlands
Construction period 2014 - 2016
Nomination category Building outside the box
Purpose Infrastructure - Tunnel
Usable floor area 3.500 m²
Brick type
Specially produced glass brick

The “Augmented Brickwork” in the public railway passage in Tilburg is the redevelopment of an old railway yard into a mixed-use urban space, surrounded by monumental brick buildings. It is a newly built public space for cyclists and pedestrians, including a public terrace, a restaurant, and some gardens. The use of curved glass bricks in the passage gives the wall an overall rhythm. For this project, the architects developed a new type of glass brick which is a play upon the image of the typical expressionist brick façades in Tilburg. At night, multi-coloured led lights behind the brick façade turn on. These lights respond to changes in the weather, and to movement and social dynamic in the tunnel, creating a unique experience for people passing through. The  “Augmented Brickwork” project implements classical Dutch brick architecture in a contemporary manner, and has become an exciting urban space for locals.

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