Apartment House Prenzlauer Berg, Germany

brown brick facade apartment house front view prenzlauer berg
Apartment House Prenzlauer Berg, Germany © Simon Menges

Architects Barkow Leibinger, Germany
Location Berlin, Germany
Construction period January 2015 - July 2016
Nomination category Living together
Purpose Housing
Usable floor area 547m²
Brick type Facing bricks

In the middle of Berlin’s popular Prenzlauer Berg district, these architects have designed an unconventional building to house apartments. It consists of two maisonettes,  one with a garden and a terrace, and  one with a roof terrace. In accordance with setback regulations for historic monuments,  the architects had to create a new building with a similar appearance to one destroyed during the war. One of the special features of the project is the use of visible bricks throughout the building, using customized bricks in colours that fit the environment: white, yellow, orange, brown, rose and grey. The whole façade was built up in a wild, irregular way. Burn marks on the bricks and other manufacturing characteristics create a special surface. The use of different materials and production methods make building visually striking, lending it an appearance that is simultaneously artisanal and industrial, old and modern.

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