Advantages and benefits of Wienerberger roof tiles

Total view on a roof template, demontstrating the advantages of clay roof tiles
Wienerberger roof tiles combine natural tradition and state-of-the-art technology.

Roof tiles do come with a lot of advantages

  • By firing the clay roof tiles at high temperatures, this pure natural product achieves a lifespan of over 100 years.
  • Clay roof tiles are a natural and beautiful material with UV-resistant and durable colours.
  • Exclusive range of roof tiles in different colours, finishes (natural, glazed and engobe) and fittings to create the perfect roof. State-of-the-art production techniques enable us to give each product a distinctive look and unique feel.
  • Clay roof tiles are pure natural products that satisfy all requirements on environmentally friendly construction in a way that hardly any other building material can match.
  • No need for maintenance – with the support of the most advanced technologies, our roof tiles enhance the quality of life for anyone living under their protection.  
  • After demolition, clay roof tiles are recyclable – re-usable in the material cycle - or can be easily and cost-efficiently deposited as mineral building material without causing environmental pollution.
  • In case of annexes or refurbishments, roof tiles are easily fitted.

Also the pitched roof offers many advantages - besides its function of being the pinnacle of the building

  • Increasing frequencies of extreme weather events, as a consequence of climate change, challenge building structures. The structural stability of pitched roofs, however, allows the roof to withstand heavy loads resulting from, for example, snow.
  • On average, building envelopes are responsible for about 25% to 35% of the overall energy loss of a building. A pitched roof significantly improves the thermal efficiency of the building thanks to the natural ventilation underneath the top roof layer. This ensures optimal indoor comfort both in winter and summer.
  • Moreover, pitched roofs ensure fast water runoff in case of heavy rain, making drainage pipes running through the building unnecessary and allowing easy maintenance of drains. Additionally, pitched roofs are a long-term waterproof solution suitably resistant to moisture and vegetation.
  • From an economic point of view, pitched roofs create particularly high values as they provide more living space compared to similarly priced flat-roofed houses. In cities where town planners emphasise the need for spatial compression, attic conversion is a perfect possibility to create additional living space. Furthermore, attic conversion is cheaper than building an extension. Pitched roofs are ideal for environment- and price-conscious residents: with better energy conservation as compared with flat roofs, pitched roofs contribute to energy savings. From a design perspective, pitched roofs open up a wide range of possibilities for exceptional living experiences.

All in all, pitched roofs provide a unique combination of cultural expression and technical superiority proven across Europe for hundreds of years.

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